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Autism Internet Modules
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What are the Autism Internet Modules (AIM)?

AIM is designed to provide high-quality information and professional development for anyone who supports, instructs, works with, or lives with someone with autism. AIM modules are available at no cost. Each module guides you through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, a glossary, and much more. If you would like to receive credit for your time on AIM, certificate and credit options are available for a fee.

Registration and Account

In order to login and view any of the modules, you must first establish an account. To establish an account, first complete the registration form. Once this form is submitted, you will be logged in.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you may reset it to an automatically generated, random password by submitting the password reset form. Once this form is submitted, you will receive an email containing your new password.

Please note that you can update your user email and password on the "Account" page once you login. You can access the "Account" page by clicking on the "Account" link in the upper left navigation bar.

Module Navigator

How do I browse the modules?

To begin, visit the "Module Navigator" on the AIM Dashboard where modules are organized by category. Click on a category tab to view the modules in that category. To view an alphabetical list of all modules, click on the "Browse Alphabetically" tab. To enter a module, click on the module title. To view details about a module, including module authors, contributors, and time to complete, click on the arrow to the right of the module title. To view details on module authors and contributors, click on the author's or contributor's name.

How do I print my module assessment results?

It is easy to print your pre- and post-assessment results after you have completed an AIM module. First, visit the "Module Navigator" on the AIM Dashboard. Click on the "Print Assessment Results" icon in the upper right corner of the tab pane to see a list of your pre- and post-assessment results. Find the assessment results that you would like to print and click on the "PDF" link. Please note that this page does not include assessments completed while taking a college/university course.

Professional Development Certificates

Important Change to Tokens

The AIM and ATIM websites are currently under renovation and tokens will no longer be available for purchase after August 1, 2021. Any remaining tokens must be used by September 1, 2021.

Tokens can be used interchangeably on either site; simply log into your account to view the token balance.

After September 1, 2021 all tokens will expire. Users will have the ability to purchase a certificate of completion at the end of each module.

If you have any questions about AIM, please email: If you have questions about ATIM, please email:

We appreciate your patience as we make these updates and changes.

How do I receive a general certificate verifying my participation and completion of specific modules?

You purchase professional development certificates with tokens.

What is a token?

A token is used to purchase a professional development certificate for a completed module. The price of one token is $10 USD. Please note that the cost of professional development certificates varies.

How do I buy tokens?

To buy tokens, first complete your profile by clicking on the "Profile" tab. Then, under the "Your Tokens" tab, select the number of tokens you wish to buy and click "Buy Tokens." You will then be redirected to our secure credit card form where you will complete your purchase. After you complete your purchase, return to the "Professional Development Certificates" tab in the AIM Dashboard.

How do I apply for a professional development certificate?

You can only apply for a professional development certificate if you have completed a module and have purchased enough tokens to cover the cost of that certificate. Please note that in order to complete a module, you must visit every page of the module and complete all module assessments. Once you have completed these requirements, you can then apply for a professional development certificate by finding the module in the "Explore Modules" list and clicking "Apply." Complete the certificate application and return to the "Professional Development Certificates" tab in the AIM Dashboard.

How do I download my professional development certificate?

You can find and download your purchased certificate in the "Your Certificates" tab.

Need additional assistance?

If you need additional assistance with this process, please contact

Continuing Education Credits

How do I earn continuing education credits?

Coming soon! You will be able to earn continuing education credits from various professional organizations using AIM. Stay tuned for a list of professional organizations that will offer continuing education credits.

College and University Course Credit

How does an AIM college/university course work?

The college/university course credit on AIM takes place entirely online. No face-to-face meetings are required. To complete a course, registrants complete a series of modules within the time frame specified in the course description. Currently, no additional assignments or papers are required to complete a course.

Will AIM course credit count for my license renewal within my district?

Check with your local district to ensure that AIM course credit meets your district's process for high quality professional development.

How do I register for an AIM college/university course?

Registration is a two-part process using both the AIM and the college/university registration systems. You can register for a course up until the course start date. To register for a course, first complete your profile under the "Profile" tab. Then, browse the available courses under the "Explore Courses" tab. Click "Register" to start the registration process through AIM. Registration for college/university credit is a two-step process: you must register with both AIM and the college/university that offers the credit. Please note that you do not need to be an enrolled student at the college/university sponsoring the course in order to register for a specific AIM course. After completing the AIM registration, the course will appear under the "Your Courses" tab, and you will be provided with a link to the college/university registration, which you must complete. Payment plans are not currently available for AIM courses. Within 2-3 business days of the college/university processing your payment, you will receive an email from AIM verifying that your registration is complete, and your course will be activated on the AIM Dashboard.

How do I complete an AIM college/university course?

Once your course is activated and the course has started, you will access the course content through the "Your Courses" tab. Please note that in order to complete a course, you must visit every page of every module and complete all module assessments in the course within the course time frame. This may require that you revisit module pages you have previously completed, and/or retake pre- and post-assessments so that your work is completed within the course time frame. This is a requirement of the college/university issuing the credit. Once you have completed the course, your grade will be available from the college/university 2-3 weeks after the course end date.

I live outside of Ohio. Can I register for an AIM college/university course?

Yes. If you live outside of Ohio, or even outside of the US, we welcome your registration. The AIM registration process is the same as for Ohio residents. Ashland University requires that you select a county when you register. Simply choose "Out Of State" from the county drop-down in the Ashland registration form.

What happens if I don't finish my course by the midnight EST course deadline?

We realize that people taking online courses reside in various timezones. OCALI is located in Columbus, Ohio USA and operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST) (fall/winter) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (spring/summer). When you sign up for college/university course credit, the instructor sends an email providing details of the course's end date. The deadline for completion of the course is midnight of the end date (For example, if the deadline is Thursday, January 9, the course must be completed by 11:59:59 pm EST, Thursday, January 9). Throughout the course window, the instructor will send follow up email reminders of the course deadline. You will be graded on what you have completed by midnight on the last date of the course. We understand that there are rare instances where completion of the course by the course deadline is compromised or not possible and will address these unique situations on a case-by-case basis working within the rules, regulations, and policies of the university offering the course credit.

How do I obtain a transcript or grade from Ashland University?

Ashland University grants semester hours of graduate credit. You can request an official transcript by completing an Ashland University Transcript Request. You can also view and print a grade report by using your Ashland University WebAdvisor account. For more information about WebAdvisor and authenticating your WebAdvisor account, download the Ashland University WebAdvisor Help PDF.

Need additional assistance?

If you have any questions about the course registration or completion process, please contact the course instructor(s) or


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