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Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) thrive in well-organized classrooms. Environments that provide clear expectations and predictable routines promote increased engagement and on-task behavior. Creating such environments often involves the use of individual work systems. Structured work systems are primary components of structured teaching and are visually structured sequences that provide opportunities to practice previously taught skills, concepts, or activities. This module defines the evidence-based practice of structured work systems and provides specific examples for use.

  • What's Included
  • 17 pages
  • Pre/post-assessments
  • Optional $10 certficate
  1. Define the term individual work system and describe the importance of such systems for individuals with ASD at home, school, and in the community
  2. Describe strategies for creating and adapting work systems
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Purchasing certificates that validate successful completion of module will be available soon. More information about graduate credit and continuing education credit will be released as approvals are secured.

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