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It is common for individuals to experience anxiety and stress when dealing with daily life. However, for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), daily situations can result in significant stress and anxiety. In addition, individuals with ASD have difficulty self-regulating emotions and stress levels. Therefore, they need specific, tailored strategies to help them cope and regulate their emotional state. Home base is one such strategy or, more specifically, an environmental structure that provides support. This module will provide information on the self-regulating strategy Home Base.

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  1. Describe the structural support home base
  2. Illustrate examples of home base for use in home, school, and community settings
  3. Identify resources helpful in implementing home base

Module Authors

Amy Bixler Coffin, M.S.

Amy Bixler Coffin, M.S. is the Autism Center Program Director at OCALI. She coordinates and provides regional and statewide trainings for districts and organizations; manages the consultation services provided by the Autism Center; leads the expansion of the Autism Internet Modules; supports the development of online learning offerings. Coffin has held positions as program director, director of special education, LI supervisor and intervention specialist. She has presented at national and state conferences, written articles and book chapters and has authored a book on supporting individuals with ASD within the community. Coffin is the 2016 recipient of the Kathe Shelby Leadership Award.

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Content for this module was developed by Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence

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