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Functional behavior assessment (FBA) is a process for determining the purpose a challenging behavior serves for an individual. Through this process, teacher, parents, and interventionists can identify environmental variables that control and maintain challenging behavior. Subsequently, they can use FBA data to design effective interventions that reduce challenging behaviors while simultaneously increasing behaviors that facilitate self-determination. In this module, we will help the reader understand the relationship between the environment and challenging behavior. Furthermore, we will describe the steps for engaging in the evidence-based FBA process, the tools available for gathering information, and guidelines for implementation of the process.

  • What's Included
  • 30 pages
  • Pre/post-assessments
  • Optional $15 certficate
  1. Explain a rationale as to why and when an FBA should be conducted.
  2. Explain why functional behavior assessment should be considered a process rather than a form or particular procedure.
  3. Describe the three levels of functional behavior assessment.
  4. Describe the potential functions a behavior serves.
  5. Describe data collection methods and tools that are used at each level of the FBA process.
  6. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of assessment method used during FBA.
  7. Describe considerations for determining a measurement system.
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Purchasing certificates that validate successful completion of module will be available soon. More information about graduate credit and continuing education credit will be released as approvals are secured.

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