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Work is a key element of adult life. Often individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have limited opportunities for career development and work experience. Transition planning and services in high school can provide a foundation for successful adult outcomes including employment. This module will describe and examine the different types of supports that may be needed in the work setting for individuals with ASD and the role of the team in identifying how and when to use these supports.

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  1. Explain how transition planning can support and promote employment as a transition outcome for individuals with ASD
  2. Describe how specific characteristics of individuals with ASD impact job development and employment
  3. Describe the issues and challenges faced by individuals with ASD in seeking, obtaining and maintaining employment
  4. List research based strategies used to support individuals with ASD in employment settings
  5. Describe a variety of resources and tools to promote successful employment for individuals with ASD

Module Authors

Madeline Rosenshein, M.Ed.

Madeline Rosenshein, M.Ed was a project manager for OCALI on a variety of transition and assistive technology grants. She has co-authored guidelines for transition and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and taught technology courses via distance learning for Bowling Green State University. Previously she provided training for school personnel in Cuyahoga County and directed a computer programming and job placement program for adults with disabilities in the College of Business at Kent State University. She also directed a comprehensive vocational training and job placement program for adults with disabilities and worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor and manager.

Module Content Provided By

Content for this module was developed by Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence

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