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Customized employment is a "negotiation" between the job seeker, his or her representative, and the employer. Negotiation differs from the traditional approach of applying, interviewing, orientation, and working. The negotiation is the very process itself, often beginning with only the potential of employment. Customized employment is not a program, but a set of principles and strategies that seek positive community employment outcomes for people with complex challenges. This module will provide in-depth information on customized employment.

  • What's Included
  • 27 pages
  • Pre/post-assessments
  • Optional $15 certficate
  1. Explain the importance of discovery in developing customized employment opportunities
  2. Describe the purpose of informational interviews in customized employment
  3. Describe three examples of customized employment outcomes
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Purchasing certificates that validate successful completion of module will be available soon. More information about graduate credit and continuing education credit will be released as approvals are secured.

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