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One common characteristic of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the frequent engagement in repetitive and restricted patterns, or special interests. Although these special interests may appear to prevent new learning opportunities for people with ASD, recent research has proved that incorporating special interests into daily activities may increase both social and academic behaviors. This module will present several examples of how to embed special interests into interventions to increase desired behaviors.

  • What's Included
  • 28 pages
  • Pre/post-assessments
  • Optional $10 certficate
  1. Describe the importance and value of special interests to individuals with autism.
  2. Describe how to use preference assessments to identify highly preferred special interests to incorporate into interventions.
  3. Identify several ways to incorporate special interests into daily activities to increase social and academic behaviors.
  4. Identify ways to incorporate special interests into behavioral interventions to decrease problem behavior.
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Purchasing certificates that validate successful completion of module will be available soon. More information about graduate credit and continuing education credit will be released as approvals are secured.

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